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Our service is focused on the integral handling of cargo in the entire logistics chain, for this purpose we put at your disposal highly qualified personnel.

International cargo transportation

Air, sea and land cargo
Programming and coordination
We plan ahead of time with our offices in origin.
Goods arrival control
We make sure that the merchandise sent arrives in the corresponding ports and airports.
Verification of the state of the merchandise
Obtained the order we verify that it does not have any problem (damages, losses, among others)
Obtaining the guide
We verify the states of the assigned guides, BL released before airlines and / or shipping companies.
Delivery of the guide
We finish with the delivery of the guide and / or BL to the customs agencies.

Customs agency

Preparation of documentary prerequisites
Good views of government entities
We ensure that government entities such as Invima, Anti-narcotics, etc. have good prestige.
Import registration
We verify that the documentation and all the necessary process to receive the merchandise sent from anywhere in the world is in order.
Tax expenses and nationalization
We pre-liquidate the tax cats and nationalization expenses so you have control of your capital.
Nationalization of merchandise
We coordinate that the merchandise to import counts with the documentary requirements of nationalization, thus preventing any unforeseen.
Inventory control
The merchandise is checked before being sent and after receiving taking serials and reviewing inventory list in order to look for any anomaly.
Coordination of payments
We coordinate the payment of taxes, incorporation and capacity of the goods.
Delivery of documentation
Delivery of documents with authorization of release of goods towards distribution is made.

Customs Zone or Free Zone

Area of distribution of the merchandise
Vigilance and security
We offer surveillance 24 hours a day and insurance against all risks.
Receipt and verification of content
We verify that everything agreed is in the merchandise and is ready to be sent or delivered.
Inventory management and reporting
Control and administration of the merchandise, reporting at any time the status of the merchandise.
Purchase orders
We prepare and generate purchase orders based on the quote.
Merchandise controls
We carry out the labeling of each of the merchandise in order to have a control of inputs and outputs according to your needs.
Location of merchandise in racks
We detail the location of the merchandise, to avoid damage to its contents, the care of the merchandise is one of our priorities.
CIPELOG’s exclusive supervisor
Cipelog offers security to its clients using direct qualified personnel to perform the work and not for rendering services from third parties.
Closed TV circuit
We supervise and take care of the merchandise of our clients through closed circuits, supervised 24 hours a day and being prepared in any situation.

Local and national distribution

Distribution and delivery to customers
Apply stickers and internal controls
Having control over the merchandise of our clients, we carry a tracking of stickers for each merchandise, to avoid losses and damages of the content.
Enlistment and coordination
We coordinate and draw a delivery route to carry out the delivery of merchandise in a single trip, thus saving delivery times.
Referral and billing
We perform the process of remission and billing on the merchandise requested by the customer. Fair prices tailored to the client.
Establishment of delivery dates
We contact each of the customers when their merchandise is ready to coordinate a delivery date.
Custom deliveries
We deliver your orders when you want, where you want, and how you want it.
Coordination of payments
We coordinate the payment of taxes, incorporation and capacity of the goods.
Suitable transport for your products
Each merchandise is unique, therefore the place, the way in which it is transported and the machinery used to be transported is very important, this ensures reliability of its content.
Delivery at local and national level
No matter where you are, we will arrive there delivering your goods in the shortest possible time.


Insurance policy for goods

Cipelog S.A.S has an insurance policy, which guarantees the coverage of the goods from leaving their offices of origin to their delivery at the final destination, including within the same, local and national land freightl.


Security and accompanying service

Transport insurance offers benefits and advantages reflected in the general and specific conditions of the policy, the objective is to protect the insured from risks linked to national and international activity.

The insurance includes the following benefits and advantages:

  • The policy allows to protect operations in the international market in an efficient and adequate manner in cases of total loss of cargo, non-delivery or damage by strike.
  • Risk factors are reduced during the logistics operation and the transport of goods.
  • Coarse Breakdown.
Customs officers inspecting containers

Management of special projects

Projects that pose great challenges

Overcoming complex logistics and shipping challenges, helps us grow in experience and reliability, as well as being a systematic organization and innovative solutions.

Cipelog S.A.S offers optimal project logistics that includes multiple load management, technical and engineering solutions, which include fully customized transfers of plants and machinery, multimodal movement management of oversized and heavy equipment for all types of customers.

Whatever the sector in which the company operates, we have the machinery, standards and logistics ready to move the goods by air, sea or land and to any part of the world, meeting the needs of our customers.

Transport of loads with special requirements

Maintain the safety of dangerous, delicate cargo or any other unique requirement

Regardless of the type of cargo to be shipped, we have the machinery, standards and logistics prepared to transport it by air, sea or land and to any part of the world, always taking into account the requirements requested by the client, achieving in this way to meet their needs.

About us

Cipelog, is a company created in February 2011 that has shown great development and sustainable growth over the years in the provision of handling and logistics services for international cargo transport.

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