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We are a company focused on providing logistics and cargo solutions tailored for different industries.


International cargo agent with DIAN resolution number 006537

Cipelog S.A.S, is a company created in February 2011 that has shown great development and sustainable growth over the years in the provision of handling and logistics services for international cargo transport.

Once established, Cipelog begins operations at the beginning of March 2011, providing its clients with all logistics services in air, sea, land and combined transport, both import and export.

Our logistic concepts are based on:

  • Being a single logistics partner
  • Have a single responsibility
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Optimize the benefit load
  • Total coverage throughout the logistics chain
  • Control the times
  • Comprehensive advice in the supply chain


Provide the services of an international logistics operator with standards of responsibility, opportunity and respect for the client’s requirements to generate value to the organization, profitability to the members, benefit to the workers, honoring the business partners and competitors on a daily basis.


Cipelog S.A.S for the year 2025 will be an organization that will have a work team committed to the client and the values ​​of the company; Positioned and profitable in the Colombian market and internationally recognized for the excellence in the integral logistics service.

Integral service

Our service is focused on the integral management of cargo throughout the logistics chain. For this purpose we provide an executive responsible for generating the information link between our client and Cipelog S.A.S, constantly updating the information of all import and export processes.

We put at your disposal highly qualified personnel in the integral logistics service in order to make a permanent accompaniment in the areas of information with the outside, control and handling of cargo and documentation at origin and destination.

We have offices in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, France, China, Taiwan, Japan, India.

We are a company dedicated to consolidate the procedures of international cargo logistics, we have grown collectively with a human team of high professional quality and great trajectory, we provide logistic services with the highest efficiency.

Integrated system policy

Cipelog S.A.S has established an Integral Policy, focused on achieving the objectives of strategic management, which describes the scope and purpose of the management systems present in the organization; its responsibility towards: quality in the provision of the service, identification and control of the threats and risks of the supply chain and the welfare and safety of workers, which is defined as follows:

Our commitment is to provide timely and reliable services as a multimodal national and international logistics operator; meet the legal, organizational and service requirements; identify threats and control risks in the supply chain; meet the needs of customers and interested parties; ensure the health and safety of workers and seek the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

Considering the current economic context, the threats and risks that threaten our business, Cipelog is committed to:

  • Implement and maintain good quality management practices; security in your supply chain and health and safety at work.
  • Guarantee the transparency of its operations, making available to the clients and interested parties the pertinent information about the company, its personnel and its activities.

Objectives of the integrated system

  1. Provide a timely service.
  2. Have competent personnel committed to the organization’s guidelines to satisfy the client and interested parties.
  3. To satisfy the needs and expectations of the interested parties based on the requirements established in the organization, in the law and in the regulations that regulate the integrated management system.
  4. Identify, assess, control and reduce the risks present in each job to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
  5. Promote the active participation of the members of the COPASST in the occupational health and safety management system.
  6. Implement controls to manage threats and potential impacts on the security of your supply chain.
  7. Strengthen business continuity.
  8. Guarantee the commitment of senior management to manage the availability of human, technological and financial resources for the Integrated Management System.
  9. Achieve the leadership of the company with safe and quality services.
  10. Maintain the continuous improvement of the processes present in the organization.

Our certifications

We guarantee quality and safety in the supply chain for all our services

About us

Cipelog, is a company created in February 2011 that has shown great development and sustainable growth over the years in the provision of handling and logistics services for international cargo transport.

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